Fiscal Group, Inc. is a consulting company that offers services in the areas of  business management consulting, and Internet marketing consulting. We equip you with the tools and products you need to make payments easy and secure. With an expert team of dedicated payment professionals, we’re on hand to provide you with services uniquely crafted to your business needs.


Business Management Consulting

Our team offers strategic and operational planning and management services. We will analyze your organization, develop a customized approach, and assist in the implementation of agreed-upon strategies. In particular, we provide evaluations of your business, focusing on your IT and HR systems, and enable optimization of business processes, leading to an improvement in the performance of your business. Please contact us to take advantage of our expertise in management consulting.

Internet Marketing Consulting

Our experts will develop a marketing strategy for you that will increase visibility, lead flow, and sales. By analyzing your customers’ motivation, we will create a plan that will identify, attract and convert sales. As part of our marketing strategy, we will design a customized email marketing campaign based on an analysis of your client activity. Our partnerships with award-winning web designers will result in targeted emails that will bring clients to your landing pages. And to ensure maximum effectiveness of the campaign, delivery rates will be tracked, the email list will be managed, and black lists will be monitored on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss how a customized Internet marketing plan can benefit your company.

Contact Us

E-mail: sales@fiscalgroupinc.com

Skype: juliaenvisionext